Introduction of Restricted Content and Subscription Services

Kindly note that since 1st April 2018, we have introduced a subscription service on our website. The following are the introductory categories of subscription:

  1. Getting email alerts only: MK400 per month or MK4,000 annually (Despite getting links for all new jobs, this does not provide access to restricted jobs)
  2. Access to restricted jobs and scholarships: MK500 per month or MK5,000 annually
  3. Access to tenders and consultancies: MK2,500 per month or MK25,000 annually

For those that already registered for the free email subscription service, we will continue to send out email alerts but due to increasing subscriber numbers we are unable to guarantee delivery of such emails.

Details of payment options are available here.

These have been introduced to enable us pay subscriptions to international partners that furnish us with some of the jobs to ensure you have access to most important jobs in Malawi.

While this is disappointing to some of our valued users, we have designed subscription packages that are affordable. Before we introduced our website, jobs websites in Malawi rarely got updated on a daily basis and occasions when non-existent jobs were being advertised were so numerous. We introduced our website to ensure you have access to, not only the latest jobs, but also that you would do so confident that the jobs you are viewing are fresh and authentic.

We have, so far, had overwhelming positive feedback and we are greatly humbled by such. As you may anticipate, we have also had a few individuals who have provided feedback with anger and bitterness and we value them for their feedback too. Unlike other websites that just copy from us (and have therefore not invested in appropriate technologies and staff) we have made investments to ensure you continue to get the best job opportunities. We have earned your trust and we intend to jealously guard against loss of this trust.

Please note that there are websites that continuously copy our themes and colour design as well as content. This is being done to fool the job seeking public. Be informed that there is no relationship whatsoever with such copycat websites.

You have made us grow in the past 2 years and we hope we have assisted in you getting job opportunities with ease.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 099 289 7718 or should you have any concerns and observations and we will gladly assist.

SouthernAfricaJobs Team