How can I subscribe to

Subscription to our website requires payment of a monthly or annual fee whose details are available here. You can pay for one or more months in advance. Advance payment can, however, not be beyond 12 months. Note that annual subscriptions enjoy a discount for 2 months.

I have paid for/renewed my subscription. How do I get login credentials?

Once payment is made you will need to inform us either by completing the registration form or calling or sending an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0992 897 718 or 0883 098 452. We will create your profile and you will get login credentials through your email address. For renewals, we will reactivate your account and you can login with your credentials as these do not change on renewal. Your username and password remain the same throughout as such we recommend that you keep them handy.

I have forgotten my password

Login credentials are emailed when you subscribe for the first time. We encourage you to keep the email that notifies you upon subscription so you can refer to it when you forget your credentials. Should you forget your password and you do not have the email you can generate a new password by using the password reset feature. You will get an automated new password in your inbox. This password is usually complex for you to remember so we recommend that you copy paste in to login. Do not type it as some small letter may appear like a capital letter (eg small L and capital i). Once you have managed to login, kindly change the password to something you can easily remember by clicking member login on the main menu and selecting edit profile from the drop down menu

Can I change my password

Yes. Passwords can be changed and we encourage you to change. Passwords can be changed by clicking member login on the main menu and selecting edit profile from the drop down menu. You can as well change your password from this link. Note that the password is automatically generated and as such, it may be complex and we thus recommend that you copy and paste and do not type as characters may be different from how they look. 

I am not getting email alerts

For subscribers with gmail email addresses, sometimes the email alerts from us may land in your promotions tab in your inbox. Gmail inbox has three tabs; Primary (where all emails would normally land), Social (where emails from social media platforms normally land) and Promotions (where marketing or subscription emails land) (see the picture below). Our emails may sometimes land in your promotions folder. If you still cannot find anything in your promotions tab, kindly contact us for assistance. Please note that if you unsubscribe, you will not be able to get emails from us. Should you wish to resubscribe contact our support team through 0992897718 or 0883098452

Gmail inbox tabs:

I have an active subscription but the system asks me to login

As a security feature, the system logs you out after some days/weeks and it will ask you to login. If you have an active subscription please just enter your credentials to login.

I need information relating to a closed vacancy

Paid up members have the benefit of requesting for historical vacancy details that may no be available. We keep vacancy information for as long as 8 months. Feel free to get in touch with us should you required such information.

Is this website not a scam

CareersMW is a legit business entity with offices in Lilongwe. You can pay us a visit any time. We are in Room 2, European Business Centres, Murry Road, Area 4, next to Immigration offices, Lilongwe. We have been in operation since June 2016 and since then we have remained the only trusted source or job vacancies in Malawi. Being professionals within human resources and labour market dynamics, we have a better understanding of the needs of the job seeking public as well as employers.

I see similar websites are you related

We are proud that our services have generated a number of copycat websites and numerous WhatsApp groups. Please note that we DO NOT have any relationships with any other websites nor do we have a WhatsApp group. Be cautious to avoid rip offs.

My company has a job vacancy, how can I submit

Jobs can be uploaded onto the website in the comfort of your office. Simply go to the Post a Job link on our main menu. You can get our price list here

How trustworthy are the vacancies on CareersMW.

We do not create jobs, employers do. Every job that appears on our website is sourced from credible employers and advertisers. Our service is based on trust and we jealously guard against posting any vacancies that will compromise our trustworthiness. If it not on CareersMW perhaps it’s not a real job.