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Posting your first job on our website is free. However, unpaid-for listings may be restricted to paid up members only. For the second job onwards, fees apply. Find our posting price list here

Leave this blank if the location is not important

Company Details

Please note, pursuant to our strict adherence to protection of both the advertisers and the job seekers, we have minimum requirements for a job to be posted live. Among others these include:

  1. Title of position
  2. Requirements for applications
  3. Duties to be performed
  4. Name of Employer
  5. Brief about the employer (physical and postal address)
  6. Location of the position
  7. Closing date of the position
  8. Application procedures

CareersMW reserves the right to post or not to post a job live if, in its discretion, regards the vacancy not to meet these minimum requirements or it is not in the best interest of our users/platform.

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