NLTE / Sector Coordination Role for the Marine Transport Sector in Malawi

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SSA_Malawi_2024_National Long-term Expert (NLTE) / Sector Coordination Role for the Marine Transport Sector in Malawi within the Context of the Zantchito Skills for Jobs Technical Assistance Project.
The Zantchito Skills for Jobs Project is supporting the Ministry of Labour (MoL) and the Technical and Entrepreneurial Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA) to establish four sector-specific Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). These sectors were selected based on Malawi Vision 2063 priorities. The four sectors are 1) Agricultural Mechanization, 2) Tourism, 3) Renewable Energy, and 4) Marine Transport. The COVEs are technical colleges which will spearhead the development of these four sectors by offering unique skills which are not currently available in the country. To further develop these CoVEs and sectors, the project is seeking to contract a Sector Coordinator as a national long-term expert to be linked to the Marine transport CoVE at the Salima Technical college.

Specific Objective of this Assignment
The primary objective of this consulting assignment is coordination of technical assistance support provided by the Zantchito Skills for Jobs project to the Marine transport CoVE and its Network Partner Institutes (NPI) and will be the main focal point between the Project and the CoVE.

Scope of Work:
The Sector Coordinator will report to the Deputy Team Leader and will be responsible for coordination and liaison with relevant stakeholders in the Marine transport sector. The Sector Coordinator will be attached to the Marine transport COVE at the Salima Technical college and will undertake the following tasks:
• Facilitate and coordinate the provision of technical support and capacity building services offered to the CoVE and its Network Partner Institutes (NPI) during project implementation.
• Support Management of the CoVE and those of its network partners in achieving the operations of the CoVE during the project implementation.
• Support the management of information generated by the CoVE and its network partners.
• Support all monitoring, evaluation and research activities undertaken by the project, as well as the CoVE and its network partners.
• Facilitate the participation of the CoVE and its network partners in the Sector Working Group or other capacity building or networking events for effective collaboration.
• Facilitate the missions of the project consultants who will work with the CoVE and its TEVET network partners.
• Monitor the work of project consultants assigned to work in a CoVE and its TEVET network partners.
• Monitor the delivery of training and capacity building provided to the CoVE and its TEVET network partners.
• Submit monthly reports to the Deputy Team Leader on the work being undertaken in the CoVE.
• Facilitate and support linkages between the CoVE and employers from the private sector.
• Promote the work of the Zantchito project at both the sector and regional level.
• Undertake any other tasks that the Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader may assign

The Sector Coordinator will be responsible for delivering the following:
a. Drafting periodic work plans throughout the duration of the assignment.
b. Monthly progress reports.
c. Contribution to project progress reports and presentations as required by the Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader.
d. A final report incorporating overall achievements during the assignment.

Logistics and timeline:
The consultant will work up to 300 days over 24 months (150 days per year). The expected start date is July 2024.

The consultant will be expected to have a primary work base that facilitates delivery of his/her responsibilities and she/he may also work in the Marine transport CoVE and the Project Office in Lilongwe as relevant. Any work-related travel to regions outside work-base will be organised by the British Council according to applicable guidelines;;;
Required experience and qualifications: The NLTE should possess the following expertise and qualifications:

  •  Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or project management, Economics, Research, Labour Markets or equivalent,
  • Demonstrated practical consistent experience (at least 3 years) in the Transport sector (preferably marine),
  •  At least 3 years consulting experience with international development partners,
  • Experience in the TEVET sector in Malawi is a strong advantage.
  • Experience of engaging with government stakeholders and private sector leaders, and evidence of strong relationship building skills.
  • Strong facilitation and coordination skills.
  • Strong analytical ability, communication, and report-writing skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
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