Consultancy Opportunity – Policy and Regulatory Review

NRECA International (NRECA)

Consultancy Opportunity
Title: Policy and Regulatory Review
Locations: Lilongwe
Expected Period: July – October 2024

1.0       Background

NRECA International (NRECA) is a rural development organization with the mission to increase access to reliable electric services in developing countries. Since 1962, NRECA’s programs have focused on improving and expanding electric infrastructure, establishing self-sustaining and well-managed electric utilities, and providing technical assistance to national electrification planners. NRECA is currently working on three continents to provide expertise in the establishment and support of electric cooperatives; renewable energy on-grid and off-grid utility design and start-up; geospatial platforms for electrification investment planning; universal electrification access strategy planning; utility benchmarking and service improvements; construction supervision; smart grid planning and implementation; and engineering design and analysis.

In late 2023, Malawi Clean Energy Cooperative Program (CECP), funded by USAID, was launched to increase self-reliance and local governance through rural electric cooperatives that promote economic productivity and improved health services. CECP is designed to demonstrate that the community-owned electric cooperative business model can play an important role in the expansion of electricity service to rural communities.

CECP goals include the following:

  • Demonstration of how electric cooperatives can support self-reliance in rural communities.
  • Establish reliable and affordable electricity service to support improved productivity in communities with newly formed cooperatives.
  • Introduce the electric cooperative business model to contribute to expanding electricity service in rural communities.

2.0       Context and Justification for the Assignment

CECP intends to engage a policy and regulatory consultant to analyse the existing legislation, regulations, and policies relevant to electric cooperative formation in Malawi. The consultant will identify opportunities and gaps in relation to the enabling environment for the development and successful operation of viable electric cooperative enterprises using both mini grid and grid connected infrastructure.

The objective of this analysis will be to recommend changes to existing policies and regulations that may be required to support electric cooperatives formation, registration and licensing. The consultant will also be required to identify strategies to successfully advocate for legal, policy and regulatory changes that may be needed.  The results of the study will provide guidance to the MoE, the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) and other stakeholders to support the long-term success of electric cooperatives in Malawi.

3.0       Description of Assignment and Tasks

  • Task 1 Kickoff Meeting and Review of Key Documents.
  • Task 2 Detailed Review & Analysis of Existing laws, policies and regulations that pertain to cooperative formation, licensing and regulation of electricity service providers and identification of possible impediments to formation and licensing of electric cooperatives.
  • Task 3 Develop a Strategy to Advocate for Changes in Legal & Policy Framework.

4.0       Consultant Qualifications

  • At least 10 years of experience in energy finance, engineering, economics, environment, energy development or experience in policy development.
  • Experience in performing legal and policy analysis is required, with two or more of the following:
    • Clear understanding of the Malawi policy and regulatory space, especially existing policies and regulations on cooperatives
    • Clear understanding and experience interfacing with public sector and private sector on policy formulation, implementation, and enforcement, where applicable, in the energy sector in Malawi
    • Familiar with the off-grid technologies, and productive use technologies, including their role in accelerating energy access.
    • Experience with legislative writing
  • Proven experience with facilitating consultative meetings and in stakeholder engagement.
  • Excellent analytical, communication and teamwork skills
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines through excellent time management and organization skills.
  • Experience working with USAID, or other donor-funded projects.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Experience working in the Global South and particularly Sub-Saharan Africa will be an added advantage.

5.0       Application mode

Qualified and interested candidates should request detailed Terms of reference from with the heading ‘CECP POLICY REVIEW CONSULTANCY’. The request for detailed Terms of Reference should include an updated CV of the candidate/s.

The closing date for receiving proposals is 9th July 2024.