Supply Chain Consultant


GH-TAMS is seeking candidates for a Supply Chain Consultant for a five-month assignment with USAID/ Malawi. The consultancy will be in Malawi. Start date is approximately May 1, 2024.


The USAID/Malawi Supply Chain team oversees a substantial portfolio of USAID-funded activities totaling about $35 million in FY 2022, including activities under the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths initiative.
The U.S. Agency for International Development seeks to employ a short-term consultant who will provide coverage for key Supply Chain responsibilities while the office undergoes a hiring process to replace the recently departed Senior Supply Chain Advisor. The Supply Chain Consultant will support the USAID/Malawi HPN Office – Supply Chain team with management of supply chain related activities and coordination with the Ministry of Health, Global Fund, other US government agencies, and stakeholders. The primary objective will be to assist the team with supply chain technical needs, to attend supply chain related meetings and events, and to support the design process for new Supply Chain awards. The Consultant will support cross-cutting activities including supply chain needs within the HIV, Family Health, and Malaria divisions. The Consultant will work closely with two Program Management Specialists for Supply Chain and with Headquarters backstops, and will be supervised by the Branch Chief, Health Systems Strengthening.

  • Provide technical leadership on Supply Chain issues in Malawi
  • Lead in-country design, work planning, and/or approval processes for new Supply Chain awards
  • Attend Supply Chain-related meetings, events, and coordination structures including at Ministry of Health (MOH) Drug and Medical Supplies Technical Working Group, the Supply Chain Donor Group, and the National Supply Chain Integration Committee.
  • Advise USAID, other USG and donor agencies, and the Government of Malawi (GOM) on supply chain issues in Malawi, including strategic direction of the overall sector and of USG-funded programs. Ensure that USAID supply chain strategic direction responds to priorities of HPN Teams and USG leadership.
  • Support implementation of USAID’s supply chain activities by 1) serving as Activity Manager; 2) providing support as needed to the Supply Chain Management Specialists; and 3) providing support to other managers of HPN supply chain-related activities. In this capacity, engage HIV, PMI, and Family Health Teams as needed to ensure Implementing Partner (IP) activities reflect priority program needs; review, approve, and ensure compliance with annual work plans and budgets;  provide input to IP Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (AMEP); conduct regular site visits to monitor activities and verify asset use; guide IPs to adhere to USAID and USG policies and procedures; review all written reports and furnish feedback; maintain program files; and other duties and responsibilities as outlined in USAID rules, regulations, policies, and guidance.
  • Provide technical assistance to supply chain and logistics actors from the GOM, Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST), and other relevant entities, in order to strengthen key governance, financing, and operational functions of the supply chain at the national, district, and facility level (including procurement planning and management, forecasting, distribution and storage, and logistics management information). Provide technical guidance on the planning and mobilization of resources for the commodities procured under various global alliances and donor-funded efforts, including the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria.
  • In collaboration with HIV, PMI, and Family Health Teams, manage and coordinate the forecasting and quantification of commodities.
  • Oversee drug supply and distribution among IPs and coordinate and advise across USG health programs. This includes ensuring that all procurement activities are implemented in compliance with relevant USAID, USG, PEPFAR, and PMI guidelines, policies, and procedures.
  • Provide technical and programmatic input to USG program designs, budget allocations, strategic and operational planning documents, and reports, including input into HSS related activities.
  • Provide USG leadership in fostering strategic partnerships and coordination with the GOM and among donors to ensure effective supply chain technical assistance and timely and consistent supply of medicines.


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant technical experience with master’s degree or a minimum of 7 years of relevant technical experience with bachelor’s degree.
  • Extensive experience managing HIV, family planning, and essential medicines supply chain(s).
  • Knowledge of USAID-funded programs and PEPFAR processes; experience working with international donor organizations or US government agencies preferred.
  • Professional experience working on inter-agency teams preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and excellent oral communication and writing skills.
  • Strong teamwork and team-building skills.
  • Demonstrated flexibility and openness in responding to changing work priorities and environment.
  • Experience working with and understanding of local stakeholders, context, and culture preferred.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English is essential.

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