Irrigation Engineer

Shire Valley Transformation Programme

Request for Expression of Interest
Country: MALAWI
Credit No: 71350-MW
Reference No.: MW-MOAIWD- 326779-CS-INDV

1. Introduction

The Government of Malawi with support from the World Bank and the African Development Bank is implementing the Shire Valley Transformation Program (SVTP). The program development objective (PDO) for SVP is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization for targeted households in the Shire Valley and to improve the sustainable management and utilization of natural resources. The SVTP is a 14-year program (2018-2031) which will be implemented in three sequential but partially overlapping phases.
The Program targets the development of 43,370 ha abstracting water from the Shire River at Kapichira Dam and conveying it by gravity to the irrigable area (in Chikwawa and Nsanje districts) mainly through canals and pipelines. The program is structured around three coordinated pillars:

  1. Providing reliable, professionally managed and sustainably financed irrigation service to irrigators in a phased construction of the scheme and providing multiple services including water supply;
  2. Support farmer organization within a comprehensive land use plan; supporting land tenure strengthening and consolidation; as well as natural resources management; and
  3. Establishment of smallholder owned commercial farm enterprises transitioning into commercial agriculture from subsistence farming and integrating them into commercial value chains.

The objective of SVTP |I (2023 – 2028) is to develop irrigated commercial agriculture and to strengthen the management of natural resources in the program area.

The SVTP is being managed by a Project Management Team (PMT) consisting of various technical specialists headed by a Project Coordinator. One of the specialists will be an Irrigation Engineer (IE). The Ministry of Agriculture therefore invites applications from suitably qualified and interested candidates to fill the position of IE, recruited as individual consultant.

2. The Position
The lE is part of a larger Project Management Team (PMT), which comprises the Project Coordinator and other specialists. The Irrigation Engineer (this position) will be responsible for ensuring deliverables under Irrigation Services Provision component are done according to schedule.

3. Task and Responsibilities
Specifically, the lE shall mainly be involved in day-to-day coordination of activities under component one – Irrigation Service Delivery, and to a lesser extend in component 3 – Agriculture Commercialization where field-level infrastructure will be constructed. Component 1 has several civil contracts that are running or are in procurement processes. These are Intake plus 6 km, MC1, MC2, and MC3, Phase 1 Secondary Pipelines, Lengwe Section, Bangula Main Canal, Phase 2 Secondary Pipelines, etc. Thus it is envisaged that the lE will coordinate and monitor performance of contracts allocated to him/her by the coordinator, with emphasis on construction. He/she is expected to share information with the component lE leader (senior IE) and government-allocated engineers working with the PMT. The senior lE will retain overall responsibility for all planning and design works.

The lE will technically be supported by Project Management and Coordination Team members. In addition, in liaison with components 1 and 3 leaders, the lE will coordinate the tasks of a team of consultants comprising design and supervision engineers, surveyors, etc.

4. Specific Tasks
The tasks and responsibilities of the lE shall focus on planning and coordinating the execution of all engineering activities assigned to him/her in in order to achieve their respective outputs. In particular, this will include, but not be limited to the following:

a. Data and Information Sharing and Communication:

  1. Ensure timely engineering information sharing among the service providers (consultants and contractors) and other engineers within PMT;
  2. Ensure that the implementation of engineering activities is done according to schedule and that the Gantt is updated regularly.

b. Planning and Coordination:

  1. In liaison with the component leaders, coordinate and oversee planning and design, together with the senior IE, and particularly technical implementation and operation and maintenance aspects of the irrigation service provision component of the project and the block-level infrastructure developments;
  2. Attend project, site, and management technical review meetings.

c. Monitoring of activities:

  1. Ensure that quality control of the program activities on all engineering aspects are adhered to;
  2. Participate in contracts management, and inform the consultants, contractors and the Coordinator on contractual issues;
  3. Monitor the progress of implementation of program activities under his/her area of jurisdiction and compare it with the planned schedule, and notify the Consultants / contractors of any deviations from the planned program;
  4. Provide quality assurance of the activity reports, data and information being generated and ensure that any inconsistencies in the outcomes of the deliverables are resolved at an early stage;
  5. Conduct supervisory visits to project areas;
  6. Oversee any constraints, issues or problem areas on engineering aspects and advise on appropriate action;
  7. Support all Consultants / contractors in the fulfilment of their assignments and assist them in overcoming
    any technical constraints that they may face in the implementation of their tasks;
  8. Prepare Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) as well as monthly progress reports; for submission to the Coordinator on time;
  9. Provide input to preparation of Program Completion Report (PCR);
  10. Carry out regular inspection of construction works and provide necessary advice to the supervision consultant;
  11. Oversee preparation of bidding documents for both contractors and consultants and participate in the evaluation of the same;
  12. Support the review all technical aspects of the irrigation systems, structures designs and relevant data to ensure that the designs are adequate, complete and in compliance with recognized standards;
  13. Support the coordination of the preparation of feasibility studies and detailed designs, bills of quantities, tender documents and all associated drawings by consultants;
  14. Ensure that comprehensive Engineers reports and supporting documentation are prepared on time;
  15. In coordination with the Environmental Safeguards Specialist ensure that proposed environmental mitigation measures identified in ESIA & ESMP reports are implemented in the field; xvi) Build capacity for counterpart staff and provide technical support through active involvement and engagement of activities;
  16. Analyze and vet all progress reports from the contractors) and engineering consultants, before submission to the Project Coordinator;
  17. Vet and authenticate all payment certificates, invoices and claims originated by the contractor (s) and consultants, prior to submission to the Project Coordinator;
  18. Ensure that as built drawings are prepared by the contractors;

d. Should be able to make timely independent decisions within stipulated contract conditions eg FIDIC;
e. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Project Coordinator from time to time.

5. Qualifications
A minimum of postgraduate qualification in Irrigation/ Civil or related Engineering with at least 10 years of work experience as irrigation and drainage design/construction engineer or Bachelor’s degree in irrigation engineering/agricultural engineering/civil engineering with at least 15 years of solid work experience as an irrigation and drainage design/construction engineer in large irrigation and water projects. Experience in construction supervision of large-scale civil works water/irrigation related projects is a must. He/ she should have 5 years’ experience in implementing donor-funded projects. He/she must have proven track record of implementation of irrigation and water projects. Experience and /or familiarity with Government, World Bank and AfDB procurement procedures and processes would be an added advantage. He/She must possess excellent communication skills and be able to write clear, concise technical reports in English. He/ she must be conversant with FIDIC contract conditions.

6. Location of Employment
The Irrigation Engineer will be based in Blantyre, but will be required to travel regularly and extensively to the project area (Chikhwawa & Nsanje) and work closely with an inter-ministerial Task Force to ensure that progress follows project plans and that appropriate support is provided for project activities.

7. Duration of Employment
The contract is for an initial period of one (1) year, renewable upon satisfactory completion of the assignment and satisfactory appraisal results.

8. Reporting Requirements
As part of a member of the Project Management Team (PMT), the Irrigation Engineer shall report to the coordinator through the government designated Engineer/Component Leaders. He/She will on monthly basis, prepare a short progress report highlighting a synthesis of progress against planned actions, key challenges, and proposed management decisions. These monthly reports will be shared with the senior lE for compilation in one overall component report.

9. Services and facilities to be provided by the client

The client will provide the following services and facilities to the consultant:

i. Office space
ii. Office equipment
iii. Communication facilities
iv. Logistics for field work

10. Performance Assessment Criteria

  1. Timely implementation of planned activities.
  2. Coordination with stakeholders, including contractors and consultants, ensuring timely sharing of information and other related program implementation issues.
  3. A structured communication update, in liaison with other specialists, to inform external stakeholders on progress is developed.
  4. Timely periodic provision of a synthesis of progress against planned actions, key challenges and proposed management decisions.

11. The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to Section Ill, paragraphs, 3.14, 3.16, and 3.17 of the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” dated September 2023 (“Procurement Regulations”, setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant selection method set out in the Procurement Regulations.

12. Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 7:30hrs to 12:00hrs and from 13:00hrs to 17:00hrs except on Weekends and Public Holidays.

13. Expressions of interest including detailed updated Curriculum Vitae and copies of professional and academic qualifications must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by e-mail) by 21st February, 2024.

The Project Coordinator,
Shire Valley Transformation Programme,
Makata Industrial Area,
Private 379,
Blantyre, Malawi.

(Attention: The Senior Procurement Specialist)

Alternatively, applications may be emailed to:; cc: