Database Management Assistant

Winrock International


POSITION TITLE:     Database Management Assistants (DMAs)


LOCATION:                Department of Forestry, Malawi – Lilongwe

REPORTS TO:            Chief of Party and Winrock REDD+ and LEDS Specialist, MCHF, Malawi

Tenable at Department of Forestry, Government of Malawi.

The Department of Forestry, Malawi, is establishing a Forest and Landscape Monitoring Unit (FLMU) with support from a project co-funded by USAID and UKAid, Modern Cooking for Healthy Forests (MCHF). MCHF is a five-year program centrally focusing on advancing Malawi’s low-emissions, climate-resilient development through forest conservation and by strengthening low-emission planning, analysis and investment capacities. The FLMU is a national monitoring unit that will primarily house the database for forest and landscape monitoring indicators for Malawi. Winrock International, a partner in this project responsible for providing oversight for the establishment of this Unit, is therefore seeking a to hire one (1) Database Management Assistant to work under the REDD+ and LEDS Specialist on a yearly rolling contracts. The responsibilities, duties, and qualifications are described in the attached position description.


Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. By linking local individuals and communities with new ideas and technology, Winrock is increasing long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management to benefit the poor and disadvantaged of the world.


The DMA will work with REDD+ and LEDS Specialist to support the Department of Forestry to implement and institutionalize key systems, tools, and technologies that will provide the requisite information base for improved forest monitoring; support REDD+ readiness and forest landscape restoration efforts; and inform sustainable wood fuel supply strengthening within targeted forest reserves. Specifically, the DMA will:

  • Provide assistance to the REDD+ and LEDS Specialist in developing and harnessing Malawi’s pillars in National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) thus, 1) the land monitoring system, 2) field-based forest inventory, 3) reference level (REL), and 4) national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.
  • Support the project’s logistic lead(s) in making arrangements for the project’s capacity building initiatives related to data collection, management and archiving; and application of forest data and information at national, sub-national, and local levels.
  • Develop capacity building materials and lead training as guided by the REDD+ and LEDS Specialist.
  • Collate and manage data on land-based forest interventions being implemented by key stakeholders in government and the private sector.
  • Link with national, sub-national, local government partners, private sector and other stakeholders in developing a consensus for data management that includes developing MoUs on data flows between various agents.
  • Provide support to the establishment of the FLMU by entering and uploading data into the DMS.
  • Assist in data collection in national forest inventories.
  • Assist with image interpretation to collect land use change data throughout Malawi.
  • Jointly plan the Unit’s activities with the Department of Forestry’s core staff for the Unit.
  • Contribute towards monthly update reports by providing timely feedback to the REDD+ and LEDS Specialist on activities executed within each month.
  • Collate information for technical reports and project deliverables as may be requested by the REDD+ and LEDS Specialist.



Bachelor’s degree in forestry, environmental science, natural resource management, conservation, or other relevant field.

Work Experience:

  • Knowledge in forest monitoring, climate change abatement and general forestry
  • Professional experience within Malawi in forest related fields, including internships
  • Acquaintance with providing logistical support to trainings


  • Proven ability to successfully work with key forestry and agricultural sector government agencies, local governments, institutes, NGOs and experts.
  • Familiarity with field approaches for forest monitoring and/or management
  • Familiarity with following is a plus:
    • Interpretation of satellite imagery, especially for use in forestry or land management
    • Use of geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Excellent computer skills in word-processing, spreadsheets
  • Acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases
  • Knowledge of statistics
  • Strong communication skills, both interpersonal and written
  • Fluency and/or familiarity of Chichewa (desired)


  • Ability to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times
  • Proactive attitude and ability to work independently towards time-bound goals
  • Eagerness and proven ability to learn on the job
  • Flexibility to learn new software such as Collect Earth, QGIS ect.

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