Be informed that there are websites that have copied our designs and content and service delivery modalities for the sole purpose of confusing our paid subscribers into thinking they are part of us. Please note that WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY with such websites. We consider this to be fraud and we are engaging the relevant authorities to protect our users from such fraudsters. Our website remains and our offices are based in Lilongwe details of which are available on our website. Do not pay to any other channels other than those displayed on as such payments WILL NOT grant you access to restricted content on our website.

We have been monitoring paid subscriber accounts that are responsible for this malpractice and we are in the process of closing such accounts without further notice. We are, however, unable to make refunds for such closures as per terms of use.

We remind our valued subscribers to familiarize themselves with our term and conditions of use. Where our systems suspect fragrant disregard of our terms of use,  accounts will be closed without recourse to a refund and such subscribers will be blacklisted and refused access to our services.

You may read our terms of use here