We would like to thank our valued subscribers and advertisers for the support over the years.

In order to maintain our service standards and in view of the economic fundamentals, we will be adjusting our services fees upwards effective 1st January 2024. Also, we will no longer be able to send email alerts to unpaid subscribers as well as those with expired accounts. The following shall be the new fee structure for subscription:

Access to Jobs and Tenders

Category Fees Benefits
Bronze MK5,000.00/year Subscription for daily new jobs email alerts ONLY. There is no monthly subscription service for this category.
Silver MK1,500.00/month
Access to jobs only
Gold MK5,500/month
Access to every content on the portal

Job/Advert Placement

Pay As You Go

Posting Period
Price per job posted
Unpinned/Unfeatured (does not remain on top page)
Pinned/featured (Remains on top page)
1-7 days
1-14 days MK50,000.00 MK120,000.00
1-30 days MK70,000.00 MK250,000.00

Annual Subscriptions 

Unpinned or Unfeatured listing Up to 20 unpinned listings per year MK440,000.00
Up to 40 vacancy listings MK780,000.00
Pinned or Featured listing Limited to 20 job listings per year (Subject to no more than 3 jobs concurrent featured listings) MK1,250,000.00
Unlimited featured/pinned vacancy listing

Option to have jobs applied through an online application form. Applications are pre-screened and employer only reviews qualifying CVs.


Other Services

Job placement and applications/CV screening (per job) MK150,000.00
Outsourced Recruitment (advertising, screening, interviewing, referencing and placement) (Per Candidate) Negotiable
Advertisement for trainings MK75,000 per advert (maximum 10 days) Unfeatured/unpinned
All other relevant advertisements (banners, links, endorsements etc) Header banner

MK25,000 per day, MK600,000 per month or MK3,800,000 per year (Malawi domiciled advertisers)

(US$20 per day, US$350 per month and US$3,000 per year) (International advertisers)

Side banner

MK20,000 per day, MK450,000 per month or MK3,000,000 per year (Malawi domiciled advertisers)

(US$20 per day, US$350 per month and US$3,000 per year) (International advertisers)