Pre-Qualification of Suppliers for Goods and Services For The Financial Year 2022 1

Pre-Qualification of Suppliers for Goods and Services For The Financial Year 2022


The Catholic Development Commission in Malawi of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe (CADECOM Lilongwe) is a faith-based not-for profit Organization whose mission is to create awareness and empower disadvantaged women, men and the youth to undertake development, which is integral, gender and environmentally sensitive, sustainable and which promotes justice, human dignity, and self-reliance with the active participation of the people themselves so that they take up the responsibility of their own destiny.

CADECOM Lilongwe invites applications from interested and qualified vendors or suppliers who wish to be shortlisted and included on pre-qualified suppliers for the 2022 financial year. The type of Goods, Works or Services required are described in table below. Interested bidders are free to submit applications to pre-qualify for one or any combination of items but should submit separate applications for each of the items applied for.


No.Reference NumberItem description
A1CAD/g/001Supply and Delivery of General Office stationery and supplies
A2CAD/g/002Supply and Delivery of computer consumables and related accessories
A3CAD/g/003Supply and delivery of printer/photocopier-related spares and consumables
A4CAD/g/004Supply, delivery and installation of IT Software, computer-related hardware and software
A5CAD/g/005Supply and Delivery of office equipment, furniture and fittings
A6CAD/g/006Design and supply of branded promotional materials e.g. T-Shirts, golf shirts, stickers, calendars, diaries, key holders, bags, posters
A7CAD/g/007Supply of protective gears and equipment
A8CAD/g/008Supply and delivery of vehicle spare parts including tires and tubes
A9CAD/g/009Supply of Motor Vehicle Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, Spare parts, Tyre Fitting and Alignment
A10CAD/g/010Supply of cleaning materials and sundries e.g. soaps, mops, tissues, detergents and bleaching agents.
A11CAD/g/011Supply of foodstuffs (beans, maize, rice etc)
A12CAD/g/013Supply of motorcycle spare parts and accessories




No.Reference NumberItem description
B1CAD/s/001Provision of Accommodation Services


B2CAD/s/002Provision of audit services


B3CAD/s/003Provision of media services (TV and radio)


B4CAD/s/004Provision of catering services for meetings and workshops (Lilongwe)
B5CAD/s/005Provision of internet services


B6CAD/s/006Provision of photography/videography services




No.Reference NumberItem description
C1CAD/w/001Repair and Maintenance of office buildings


C2CAD/w/002Provision of Plumbing and electrical Services


C3CAD/w/003Provision of engineering services–civil and structural, mechanical and electrical



Applications to pre-qualify for the Goods and Services described above should among other things contain the following information:

  1. A copy of business registration Certificate
  2. Company’s business profile including physical and registered address, year of establishment, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address
  3. Copy of tax registration certificate and current annual tax clearance certificate
  4. Copy of current registration certificate with Public Procurement and Disposal Assets Authority (PPDA) for applications in the Goods and Services Categories
  5. Copy of registration certificate with National Construction and Industry Council of Malawi (NCIC) for applications in the Works Category
  6. Letter of undertaking that the firm (i) has not been suspended by the Public Procurement and Disposal Assets Authority (PPDA) in Malawi from participating in public procurement; (ii) do not have any conflict of interest; and (iii) is not under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau or any other law enforcement body in Malawi relating to participation in any public procurement process.
  7. Details of similar assignments successfully performed in the past two years including names of clients and contact persons, duration and dates as well as contract values (Please attach documentary evidence in form of copies of Local Purchase Orders or signed contracts or reference letters from respective clients)
  8. Any other documents interested firms may consider necessary for pre-qualification

Applications in sealed Envelopes clearly marked “Pre-qualification of Suppliers for Goods, Works and Services” indicating the Category and Description of the item applied for, must be deposited in the tender box located at the CADECOM Lilongwe Head Office at Likuni, behind Likuni Hospital at or before 15:00hrs local time on 17th December, 2021. Applications to pre-qualify must be addressed to;

The Chairperson,
Internal Procurement Committee,
CADECOM -Archdiocese of Lilongwe
P.O. Box 631

Electronic submissions will not be permitted and late applications shall be rejected.

Post expires at 11:59pm on Friday December 17th, 2021