2023 United World Colleges Scholarship Awards

“The striking thing about UWC is that they embrace the entire world across all divides of race, history, culture, wealth, religion, economic status and political belief: they are unique and they are conscious of their responsibilities.” Nelson Mandela, Honorary President

The UW Malawi National Committee is accepting applications for five scholarships available to Malawian residents who successfully completed the MSCE or the IGCSE in 2021 or 2022

The scholarships are for entry into the 2-year pre-university International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at:

UWC Adriatic in Italy (fully funded/need-based)
UWC East Africa in Tanzania (fully funded/need-based)
UWC Li Po Chun in Hong Kong (partially funded)
UW Pearson College in Canada (partially funded)
UW Southeast Asia in Singapore (fully funded/need-based)

Applicants must have been born between 2005 and 2007; and must be between ages 16 to
18 by August 2023.

Applications should include the following documents in a PDF or Word Document:

    1. A cover letter (300 – 500 words). This letter should include your full name, gender, date and place of birth, telephone number, and email address. In your cover letter, explain why you want to attend a UWC school and write a detailed response to any one of the following prompts: What is your greatest achievement? Why? What do you aspire to achieve in the future? Why? Describe a time in your life when you experienced a challenge and recall what you learnt from that experience.
    2. An essay (400 – 600 words). Write a detailed response to the following prompt: In your perspective, what is a social issue/challenge that is facing Malawians today?
      How would you go about addressing it?
    3. Two personal references; one from the school principal or a schoolteacher well
      acquainted with the student, and another from someone older who knows you well
      aside from family members.
      For the referrer, describe how the student demonstrates initiative in their academic
      and extracurricular activities. How do their peers and those around view them? Note
      that these references will be graded for their insight.
    4. MSCE or IGCSE results. If these are not available due to delays, submit instead your latest term results and, if available, your predicted results.
    5. A scanned passport photo.
    6. Your birth certificate.
    7. A signed statement from your parents or legal guardians indicating that they support
      your applications.

Your documents should be in Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing with a font size of 12

All documents being submitted should be named in the format “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME, Document,” for example, BANDA_JOHN_Cover_Letter, BANDA_JOHN_Essay, BANDA. JOHN_References, BANDA_JOHN_MSCE_Results, BANDA_JOHN_Birth_Certificate, and
BANDA JOHN Parents Endorsement.

If you are selected for the first round of interviews, please ensure to provide your guardians’
financial statements for the fiscal year of 2022.

All applications should be emailed to [email protected] Applications must be received by 5:00pm, 10th February, 2023. Incomplete and late submissions shall not be considered.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an online interview with the Malawi National Committee review panel.

There will be an online information session for all interested candidates and their guardians on January 21st at 4pm CAT. Zoom Meeting ID: 938 8010 8543

For more information visit www.uwc.org. You can also reach out to us at [email protected] or 0999133121.

Post expires at 5:00pm on Friday February 10th, 2023