Posts for 11 November 2021

Artisan LinesmanIllovo Sugar (Malawi) Plc
Electrical Charge hand (High Tension)Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Plc
Procurement OfficerMalawi Legal Aid Bureau
Human Resource Management OfficerMalawi Legal Aid Bureau
Principal Human Resource Management Officer (Re-advertised)Malawi Legal Aid Bureau
Drone Pilots (6 Positions)Unitrans Malawi Ltd
Financial AccountantCentral Poultry 2000 Limited
ReceptionistZamara Pensions Administrators Limited
ReceptionistCarlcare Service Limited Malawi.
Assistant Service Center SupervisorCarlcare Service Limited Malawi.



Consultancy: Research on the Operationalization of the Access to Information (ATI) Act: Opportunities and Challenges to Reporting and Investigative Journalism in MalawiBasel Institute on Governance
Consultant: Editor for State of the Newsroom ReportBasel Institute on Governance
Consultancy: Research on Media relations initiatives by the watchdog institutions: How are the governance institutions repositioning to work with media organisations and reporters in MalawiBasel Institute on Governance
Consultancy: Research on Media reporting of corruption: What are the policy implicationsBasel Institute on Governance
Consultancy: Research on Systematic Account of the “Political Ownership” of NewsBasel Institute on Governance
Invitation for Bids to Supply Lorentz Solar PumpCADECOM Zomba
Invitation for Bids to Drill Borehole and Install Afridev Hand PumpCADECOM Zomba