Request for Proposals : Registration of Bamboos Distributed under Bamboo Afforestation Program
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CQuest Capital

Request for Proposals – Registration of bamboos distributed under Bamboo Afforestation Program in Malawi

CQuest Capital is calling for proposals to carry out Registration of all bamboos distributed under its Bamboo Afforestation Program in Malawi.

Program Background

C-Quest Capital LLC (CQC) has been engaged in a significant initiative since 2019, distributing bamboo seedlings to smallholder farmers throughout Malawi as part of the “Bamboo Afforestation Program, Malawi.” This effort is in tandem with CQC’s program for distributing fuel-efficient cookstoves.

The primary objective of distributing fast-growing, non-invasive bamboo seedlings is to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) swiftly through bamboo afforestation, aiming to alleviate the degradation of Malawi’s forests This initiative also seeks to provide an alternative source of fuelwood, thereby reducing the strain on forests.

Purpose of Registration

The purpose of registering bamboo in a Bamboo afforestation carbon project is to ensure its carbon sequestration capacity is quantified and accounted for in climate change mitigation efforts. Registration facilitates future project activities, such as monitoring and verifying carbon sequestration activities. It enables communities to access benefits generated through the project, promoting bamboo afforestation and sustainable forest management practices. Registration process will involve:

  • Recording GPS and location data for each bamboo, including region, district, Traditional Authority (TA), Group Village Head (GVH), and village.
  • Details of where the bamboo is planted, land-specific information, and legal ownership of the land are recorded.
  • The status of the bamboo (live or dead).
  • Recording nearby unique identifier to locate the plant easily in the field.
  • Information about the beneficiary and their family who received bamboo under the program.

For full Terms of Reference, please follow provided link : CQC_ToR for Bamboo Registration Service providers

OR_send an email to with subject “NAME OF YOUR COMPANY- Request for Bamboo Registration ToRs”

Both Technical and Financial proposals should be submitted not later than 16th July, 2024