Training – Mobile Data Collection Using SurveyCTO and KoBo ToolBox

Bintel Analytics Limited

About Bintel Analytics Limited
Bintel Analytics Limited (BAL) is a Malawian company that specializes in data-centric technology services delivered as business intelligence and analytics solutions. Since its establishment in July 2016, the company has created value for clients in Malawi and beyond by prescribing digital transformation roadmaps and technologies to help turn their data resources into actionable insights for informed decision making. The company’s mission is to ensure that organizations have the proper IT systems, computing and data storage infrastructure, data and data products, and the capacity to effectively deploy and use the business intelligence tools of their choice. The company was incorporated in August 2021 as a limited liability company (LLC) with 100% Malawian shareholding. With clients in Malawi and beyond, the company offers a variety of services including data science, data sourcing systems, storage and computing infrastructure services, OLAP and OLTP systems and capacity building in data collection, management and analysis.

Below are brief descriptions of our core services:

  • Business Intelligence Infrastructure & Managed Services – Supply, installation & support of hardware and software applications required to fulfill clients' BI and data needs, covering customized dashboards, databases, data warehouses, data marts, 3rd party BI software support, ERP, CRM, M&E systems and big data platforms.
  • Data collection, management and storage – Outsourced data collection, statistical analysis and data mining services including data collection solutions (SurveyCTO, Survey Solutions,
    CommCare, ODK, Kobo Toolbox, REDCap, Magpi and ArcGIS Survey123), data cleaning,
    record linkage, data migration and conversion, analysis, report writing and big data analytics.
  • BI & Analytics Tools Training – Training and certification services for BI tools, big data
    technologies, data analytics and statistical analysis software including IBM-SPSS, STATA, R, Python, EpiInfo, Hadoop/Spark, MySQL, MS Excel, MS Access, Eviews and SAS.
  • Social & Behavior Change Research – Providing businesses with accurate, reliable, valid and real-time information to plan and develop products and services that match customers’ needs and supports decision making; including – Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis, Industry Analysis, Web/Social Analytics and Opinion Polls.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Capacity building, impact evaluations and development of M&E
    digital systems.