Investigator 1


Standard Bank

Job Purpose

To perform a management role in minimising the impact of financial crime and integrity misconduct through timeous high quality investigative interventions. This would include protecting the Standard Bank Malawi (SBM) assets and interests from acts of financial crime and misconduct including mitigating present exposures; providing a first class forensic investigatory service to stakeholders within SBM; Consequence managing person(s) who have committed acts of financial crime or dishonesty against the SBM; and adhering to the SBM forensic investigatory standards (in accordance with the forensic investigation manual and FAQs) and capabilities in line with international better practice.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Perform Financial Crime Investigations

  • Plan and scope the above-mentioned investigations to ensure adequate investigatory focus
  • Control, secure and reference evidence acquired during forensic investigation;
  • Consult with Group Financial Crime Control personnel (subject matter professionals such as Legal and other parties) to ascertain the best course of action for SBM.
  • Perform information and admission seeking interviews of SBM personnel and other parties (where required).
  • Draft for review and present Executive Summary and Factual Finding report feedback to senior internal stakeholders.
  • Present, where required, evidence in disciplinary enquiry, civil court and/or criminal court based on factual findings reports from investigations.
  • Adopt, where appropriate, a litigation support role in respect of investigations in which the SBM wishes to adopt legal proceedings.
  • Implement and maintain Forensic Investigation standards in accordance with better practice.
  • Satisfy Group Audit Committee and Executive Committee reporting requirements in terms of investigatory progress and updates;

ü  Maintain absolute confidentiality over investigatory information;

ü  Engage with stakeholders and manage stakeholder expectations in terms of investigatory processes;

ü  Perform compliance reviews in Business Unit Financial Crime Control elements to ascertain whether the unit complies with the Group Investigatory Standards;

ü  Providing oversight of investigations and expenditure relating to external forensic consultancy service providers;

ü  Perform, where required, peer reviews of investigatory files and process; and

ü  Perform fraud awareness and fraud prevention/detection presentations to key stakeholders as and when required.

Assess and identify control environment weaknesses

  • Perform post fraud control reviews to identify the weaknesses in the control environment which led to/facilitated the financial crime or misconduct.
  • Identify and recommend system/control/people/technology controls identified during investigations.
  • Maintain timeous input to the control repository tracking tool.
  • Engage with the appropriate internal and external stakeholders to ensure timeous implementation of control recommendations, thereby mitigating future incidents.

Responsible for effective internal and external stakeholder management

  • Build and maintain credible relationships with internal and external stakeholders ensuring their issues, objectives and priorities are reflected in the agreed solution.
  • Stakeholders include Application Fraud, Group Legal, Home Loans and VAF business, Group Investigations management, SARB, SABRIC, Law Enforcement, FCRM’s as well as peers in local banks.
  • Engage with stakeholders effectively on all matters relating to fraud while managing adherence to agreed SLA’s.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with other business units, providing input to business discussions, decisions and identifying/implementing initiatives to enhance business performance in relation to Group Investigations.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service to our investigation team members and other business units

Continue to drive self-development

  • Understand and embrace the SBM vision and demonstrate the values through interaction with team and stakeholders, to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Identify training courses and career progression opportunities for self with input from management, to improve personal capability and to stay abreast of developments in field of expertise.
  • Maintain knowledge management and improve team success by sharing knowledge with team to ensure information is provided correctly to stakeholders.
  • Share knowledge of trends and identified fraud risks with team and stakeholders so that relevant up – skilling takes place.
  • Provide input, support and recommend development of new and/or enhanced processes that will improve our forensic service offerings.


Minimum Qualification and Experience


  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in relevant field.
  • Experience in Risk Management- The risk management areas encompass prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing, internal fraud, external fraud, identity theft, bribery and corrruption and the effective implementation of international sanctions.
  • Experience in  Branch Operations- This entails undertanding of all the administrative, operational and cash management aspects of retail and commercial branches
  • Project Management
  • Independence Assurance-This entails undertanding of the different types of monitoring that is required by the regulators including anti-money laundering, terrorism financing, sanctions etc.

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