IT Support/IT Teacher

New Era Schools

As a school that is always looking to innovate while adjusting to changing times, New Era School prides itself on IT literacy. As part of our plan to expand our already established IT Department we are locking for qualified Support Staff as well as accomplished IT Teachers.

Core Responsibilities

IT Support

  • Installing and configuring Computer Hardware, Software, Systems, Networks. Printers. and Scanners
  • Improving elearning Infrastructure and other Holiday Learning Programmes
  • Monitoring and manta ring Computer Systems and Networks
  • Responding in a timely manner to Service Issues and Requests
  • Providing Technical Support across the organisation
  • Setting up various Accounts for new users
  • Repairing and replacing Equipment as necessary
  • Testing new Technology
  • Training Junior Staff

Core Responsibilities

IT Teacher

  • Plan Lessons According Curriculum Standards
  • Improve and further develop current infrastructure
  • Keep Abreast of IT Trends and implement them at the school.
  • Perform Regular Hardware and Software Updates on Classroom IT Devices
  • Effectively (and technologically) Monitor Student Progress Through administering Assignments. Quizzes and Tests


  • Minimum requirement: Degree in relevant field (qualified teachers only). Do not apply if you have no experience.

For a detailed breakdown please see the comprehensive advertisement on the website

Application Closing Date: MONDAY 16 AUGUST 2021 Interviews: Week commencing 23 AUGUST 2021