2022 Graduate Development Program


First Capital Bank

First Capital Bank is looking for young, intelligent and ambitious individuals who would like to join the Bank’s Graduate Development Program and be part of this great organization. First Capital Bank takes development of Future leaders very seriously. The Graduate Development Program has been designed to prepare First Capital Bank’s Future Leaders by giving them challenging jobs/roles that prepare them for future business leadership roles.

The Programme encompasses experiential rotational assignments within and across functions in an accelerated learning environment. This includes extended leadership contact, Formal training and professional development.

Minimum requirements for entry into this out of the ordinary program.
Applicants must be Graduates from public or private Universities (local or International) that have just graduated or are in their final year and must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must have passed with Credit or distinction in their discipline of study.
  • For final year students must have passed year 1 and 2 with credits or distinctions.
  • Must be talented individuals with integrity and exceptional ability to successfully complete the program given the high standards and demanding nature of the program.

Those who meet the above requirements should apply and submit their applications together with transcript of their results and detailed curriculum vitae clearly marked to:

2022 Graduate Development Program,
First Capital Bank Plc,
Private Bag 122,
or to FirstCapitalBank.Vacancies@firstcapitalbank.co.mw

Closing date – 30 August 2021. Only shortlisted applicants will be acknowledged.

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