Co-ordinator, Platform Enablement & Commercialisation

Full Time

Standard Bank

Job Purpose

To coordinate the execution and implementation of approved commercialisation models, processes and activities identified for producers, donors, and other partners for engagement on the platform. To ensure alignment and collaboration of producers, technology partners and other relevant stakeholders and to finalise ecosystems, playbooks, and other producer related requirements to facilitate the technical development, implementation, and go-to-market processes for these

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities


• Identify and coordinate the processes and activities required to implement the producer identification, engagement, and retention.
• Identify technical development implications from approved producer strategies and communicate these to the technical development partners for design, testing and future implementation.
• Draft and continually update playbooks specific to the various ecosystems (whether possible or approved), identify value proposition, alignment and connectedness of each, and guide collaborating teams and stakeholders in the implementation, execution, and maintenance of these.
• Coordinate and guide inputs to marketing strategies and all related collateral and activities as identified by superior.
• Track and monitor the identified goals and metrics, alerting superiors to areas of concern or under performance.
• Draft performance, producer, and other commercialisation reports for input into planning, strategy, and other commercialisation processes.
• Coordinate the education and awareness initiatives for possible and existing commercial partners on the platform offerings, possibilities, and functionality to raise awareness and drive adoption to support platform strategic targets.
• Engage cross functionally as required to contribute to the value proposition of the platform.

Technology & Architecture
• Participate in the viability assessment of identified development opportunities, identifying the collaboration and information requirements of the application development team (or technology partners).
• Support the application development process by engaging and collaborating with a variety of internal and external stakeholders in order to align the requirements and processes of the various work streams.

• Coordinate and implement engagements initiatives that will grow and develop relationships with producers, technology partners and other stakeholders, with the aim of maintaining a viable a customer base.

Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance
• Engage all relevant governance bodies and representatives required for commercialisation processes, coordinating all risk and compliance processes.
• Advise and guide commercial partners in compliance to regulatory requirements.
• Address and close out internal, risk or regulatory findings within defined timeline, engaging team members as required.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

Must have first degree in Business Commerce
3-4 years working experience in business development, commercialisation, relationship management or Product management (1-2 years working with platforms and Ecosystems)

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