Consultancy: Support to the apprenticeship and dual system streams for implementation of new programmes

Procurement Notice/Advertisement

Open International Competition (OIC)

Country of Destination: Malawi

Reference Number: RFP/549MLW1000.4.3/01/2018

Description: Support to the apprenticeship and dual system streams for implementation of new programmes

Deadline for Submission of Sealed Tenders: January 14, 2019 (4:00 pm, Harare, Zimbabwe).

Posting Date: December 14, 2018

United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hereby invite qualified companies to submit sealed tenders as follows:

This assignment aims at supporting the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development (MoLYSMD), TEVET institutions and local enterprises in the design and implementation of alternative forms of practical skill development such as apprenticeship scheme, dual system and other forms of sandwich courses within 5 prioritised construction programmes.

More specifically the objectives for the assignment are:

Objective 1. To develop scenarios for revision of the present apprenticeship system to improve quality, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency and integration of alternative forms of practical skill development. The scenarios should be based on findings and recommendation in the report “Malawi Apprenticeship System Review Report”, other relevant documentation and identified regional best practices.

Objective 2. Identify and sensitise relevant private sector organisations and companies for participation in the revised and improved apprenticeship model. (for example meetings, case stories, brochures, conferences, radio, social media, etc.)

Objective 3. Support selected TEVET institutions, in cooperation with local enterprises, to apply, extend or adapt apprenticeship or attachment scheme experiences and tools to their own local conditions by:

  • developing a plan for practical training;
  • developing tools and instruments for assessment, evaluation and guidance;
  • developing and implementing a wider range of alternative practical training opportunities;
  • ensuring that their experiences are made available for wider dissemination.

Objective 4. Support implementation of adequate monitoring and evaluation system for the enhanced apprenticeship system and recommend and plan for scaling up the programme.

The purpose of this notice is to provide general information on the requirements for the procurement process and to inform interested suppliers how to obtain a copy of the Solicitation Documents.

Interested companies who wish to participate in the OIC must request for a complete set of Solicitation Documents, available free of charge, from UNESCO contact person at the address shown below.

The sealed tenders must be delivered to the UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa, Kenilworth 8, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe on or before December 14, 2019 (4:00 pm, Harare, Zimbabwe).in strict compliance with the instructions as stipulated in the Solicitation Documents.

UNESCO reserves the right to amend the documents at any time during the solicitation process. Any amendments or clarifications will be communicated directly to all Bidders who have requested for a complete set of solicitation documents and officially confirmed their intention to submit a sealed tender. No remuneration will be made to companies for preparation and submission of their tenders.

UNESCO Contact Information:

Arthur E. Shears and Kirsten Larsen]. Tel: +265 993 232 007

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