TORs for the development of Radio Jingles for Promotion of the Updated Respectful Maternity Care Charter in Malawi

TORs for the development of Radio Jingles for Promotion of the Updated Respectful Maternity Care Charter in Malawi 1

1. Background
White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRASM)’s vision it to see a Malawi where women and girls realize their right to quality health and wellbeing, and the mission is to activate a people led movement for reproductive, maternal and newborn health and rights. Since its inception in 2002, WRASM Malawi leverages the power of a diverse membership to amplify the needs of citizens across sectors for greater change. The membership of WRASM Malawi consists of civil society and community-based organizations, health professional associations, academia, media, politicians, faith-based groups, traditional leaders, and local government officials. With this support network, WRASM influences policies, programs and practices, harnesses resources, enhances accountability and inspires action.

Recently, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRASM) Malawi successfully led the adoption of the updated Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) Charter in Malawi. The RMC Charter outlines and articulates the rights of women and newborns while receiving maternity care within a health facility. The updated Charter now has 10 rights for women and newborns and were launched by the Minister of Health, Honourable Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda MP on January 8, 2021.

Following this launch, WRASM Malawi in conjunction with the Reproductive Health Directorate and the Health Education Services in the Ministry of Health would like to promote the awareness of these rights among child-bearing women in Malawi through radio jingles. It is against this background that WRASM is looking for a service provider to produce four jingles in line with the updated RMC Charter.

2. Objective
The overall objective of this exercise is to develop four radio jingles (two in Chichewa and two in English) depicting the rights of women and newborns when receiving maternity care.

3. Scope of work
The consultant will be required to develop four radio jingles in English and Chichewa. The length for each radio jingle is one minute.

The following specific activities will be conducted;

  • A desk review on RMC documentation and other information provided by the Health Education Services and Reproductive Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health
  • Adapt/adopt messages for jingle production
  • Produce sample radio jingles based on adapted/adopted messages
  • Facilitate pretesting of radio jingles to selected communities in liaison with WRASM
  • Produce final versions of radio jingles

4. Theme/Concept for the Radio Jingles

# Topic
1 Rights of mothers and guardians- English
2 Rights of mothers and guardians- Chichewa
3 Rights of newborns/children- English
4 Rights of newborns/children-Chichewa

(Note: The Script for all the Radio Jingles will be provided to the consultant by Health Education  Services through WRASM. The Script for Radio Jingles in Chichewa will be the translation from the English Script)

5. Description of Tasks
Based on the above context, the consulting firm is required to undertake the following tasks for the radio jingle production:

  • Submission of execution plan to be approved by WRASM
  • Conduct desk review of draft messages and prepare the concept/contents/script/music and use other relevant reference materials as required.
  • Get approval of the concept/contents/script/music from WRASM and Health Education Services before developing draft jingles
  • Prioritize Local context, culture, and folk music with local instruments while producing radio jingles
  • Incorporate tagline at the end of each radio jingle.
  • Get approval prior to finalization

6. Key Deliverables
1. Final radio jingle for mothers and guardians rights in English
2. Final radio jingle for mothers and guardians in Chichewa
3. Final radio jingle for newborns/children rights in English
4. Final radio jingle for newborns/children in Chichewa

7. Team composition and work division
The overall responsibility to develop the radio jingles will be of the independent consultant. However, WRASM will assign a team member (Communications Officer) who will support in coordination and communication between the consultant and the organization.

8. Duration of assignment
The total duration of the assignment will be for a period of 7 days (3-10th March 2021) from the day of signing the contract. However, the consultant will be expected to submit the final Radio Jingles by the 12th March 2021.

9. Required qualifications
 Minimum of five years’ experience in developing radio jingles and documentaries
 Demonstrated experienced in community engagement and interview
 Excellent communication (oral and written) skills in English and Chichewa.
 Strong attention to detail.
 Self-motivated; able to work without close supervision.

10. How to apply
Interested applicants should submit the following:

 An expression of interest
 Curriculum Vitae of the lead person
 Names of three referees
 Full quotation for the development of the four radio jingles

Submission must be made via email address not later than 1st March 2021. Emails should have the subject line indicated clearly, “WRA Malawi Radio Jingles Production”. Inquiries to be made using the email address, or phone/WhatsApp to 0995 777 333.

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