Sustainable Food Systems in Malawi (FOODMA) Programme Postgraduate Studies Scholarships tenable at LUANAR

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) through the Sustainable Food Systems in Malawi (FoodMa) Programme intends to offer full scholarships to support 4 PhD and 3 MSc Malawian students to be enrolled at LUANAR FoodMa ts being coordinated by the Programmes Coordinating Office (PCO) at LUANAR with funding from the Royal Kingdom of Norway.

FoodMa is being implemented in the districts of Rumphi, Mzimba, Kasungu, Dowa and Mchinji. Under the three thematic areas of
a) Food system governance, policies, and institutions.
b) Assess agro-biodiversity, farming systems, and seed secuity
c) Climate change and, Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAD)

In order to achieve its intended objectives, foodMa is utilizing research, outreach and training as its main implementation strategies: Research to be undertaken under this funding will be conducted within the districts of Rumphi, Mzimba, Kasungu, Dowa and Mchinji covering the areas highlighted below:


  1. Analyse the role of policies on biofortification, food processing. value addition, job creation and private sector development.
  2. Assess seed systems for nutrient dense crops, livestock and fish.
  3. Analyse the impact of Norwegian government funding to Malawi’s agricultural research.

a) Develop models for Malawi’s sustainable food systems.

The awarding of the research grants under FoodMa Programme is governed by equal and fair competition, with respect to the advertisement, eligibility, evaluation and selection criteria, as well as award terms and conditions. The Programme Advisory Committer (PAC) for FoodMa Programme shall approve these scholarships.


  1. The prospective candidates will be or are registered at LUANAR.
  2. The scholarship is non-transferable to other universities.
  3. Performance during interviews

In order to express interest, use the application forms to be obtained from the Programmes Coordination Office (PCO) upon request. Also submit CV, a research proposal (10 pages maximum) covering any one of the areas highlighted above, detailed workplan with milestones and a research budget.

The application package should reach the Programmes Coordinator by 15th June 2021. The submission should be forwarded to with copies to and

More information on these scholarships can be sourced from the PCO upon request.